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Half translation, half creation; it's the transposition of the creation in another culture. For this kind of work, you need to be a good copywriter first, to master the language and the society codes of the target market. Plus, as a copywriter, you can make it your creation as well. The task is to replicate the impact of the original concept; the challenge -  my motivation  - is to make it even stronger. To make the people feel the French is the original.

Subaru Canada

Ascent: The perfect family SUV for your mostly perfect family

At Agence Rinaldi, Original from Red Urban | 2018 and 2019

Main TV Ad

Watch the English original

Characters POVs

What made this project special is that each of the TV ad characters had their own video, showing the road-trip preparations from their own point of view. Six characters: Mom, Dad, Teen Boy, Young Girl, Little Kid, and—wait for it—the Dog. What a great directing experience!

Here are two of the series.

Safety Features Campaign

Simple but good spots. Two French examples.

Benjamin Moore

Proudly Particular

At Craft Translation, Original from The Martin Agency | 2018

The signature adaptation has been the most challenging part, as "Particular" is, well, particular.

Watch the English original

Read the transcretion script

Van Houtte

Van of Vans

As freelance, Original from KBS (additional content to the Sid Lee campaign) | 2017

Here is an example of long copy:

Blog Article on Van Gogh and Van Houtte

Scrubbing Bubbles

At Hogarth Worldwide

I've been working on this account for many years. Here are two examples, a short TVC and a how-to video.


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